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Your one-stop place on the internet for juice extractor reviews, recipes, and information.


ReallyJuiced is run by people who love to juice. Our goal is to promote juicing for health and nutrition and to make juicing a simple and pleasant experience. For those who are new to the concept, selecting a juice extractor for personal use is a daunting procedure. Reviews on the internet are pretty subjective, and do not give a substantial review as to how efficient, noisy, simple to use, or easy to clean the juicer really is. We strive to simplify this selection process by providing thorough reviews on all the hardware we lay our hands on.

ReallyJuiced is pleased to work with companies who would like to have their juice extractor reviewed whether it functions on a centrifugal or masticating principle (and any other exotic method!). Of course, feedback is always welcome, so please contact or leave us a comment!

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