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UBEREATS referral Code

UberEats Just launched in San Francisco, and is now giving exclusive access to users in select locations the ability to order food with Uber. Just use UberEats referral code EATS-UBERSANBRUNO for $20 off your first meal!



It’s easy, just apply Ubereats referral code EATS-UBERSANBRUNO under the referrals section of the Uber app in the left-side menu. You’ll get $20 off your first meal!

Some things to know if ordering in San Francisco: UberEATS instant delivery is only available in FiDi and SoMa for lunch at launch, Monday-Friday, 11am – 2pm. However, regular Uber Eats delivery

There are tons of food delivery comapnies in the USA. Doordash, Eat24, and now Ubereats! But the one thing that Ubereats has against the competition is the ability to quickly deliver food to you in a hurry by using the instant delivery option. Food delivered as quickly as 10 minutes is amazing! Food is delicious as its from a reputable restaurant, and not only that, you always have the quality guarantee of Uber in case anything goes funky. Delicious food, fast delivery, popular restaurants, and now, $20 free by using the uber eats referral code!


UberEATS is available at launch in FiDi and SoMa from 11am-2pm, with a rotating menu Monday – Friday. But don’t worry, the Ubereats referral code EATS-UBERSANBRUNO will work for you.

uber eats instant delivery

How does Uber Eats Instant delivery work?

  1. Prepared in kitchens – Local restaurants prepare food throughout mealtimes.
  2. Picked up in waves – Couriers pick up food continuously, put it in temperature-controlled bags, and head to busy areas.
  3. Delivered instantly – You tap a button and great food comes your way in minutes.

Where can I get Uber eats and use my Uber Eats referral code?

Uber Eats is available in the following cities:

Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Edmonton, Houston, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Ottawa, Paris, San Diego, San Francisco, San Francisco – East Bay, Seattle, Singapore, Toronto, Washington, D.C.

You can use the Ubereats promo code EATS-UBERSANBRUNO in any of the cities above and the uber eats referral code will work to get you $20 for free! When signing up for the Uber eats service, don’t forget to apply the referral code or youll miss out on your free meal (or two)!

Uber Eats Promo Code

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